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  • How I Slid Into A Job, Interview-Free, By Accident

    Brain dead and tired after a long work day today, trying to think of a good story I could share for the night and thought hey! Work story! I’m not sure I’ve ever shared the story about how I accidentally got hired without doing any sort of interview, so that’s a perfect option! … read more

  • I Try: Below The Stone (demo version)

    Hello everyone, I hope you’ve been having an excellent weekend! It was a long work week, so I chilled and spent some time thinking thru things I want to write about, and came to the conclusion that I’ll keep a couple topics handy, but for the most part I’m just going to blog about … read more

  • My Former Blogging Life, and Some Shared Writing

    Today I thought I’d talk a little about my previous blog life, which also intersects with my writing history, so you’ll get some links to some of my short, sometimes flash, fiction writing! A loooooong time ago, someone talked me into getting a Livejournal account. I had no idea what to … read more

  • My Life As An Everquest Hacker

    Today I’m going to spin the tale of how I became an Everquest hacker, and how at the beginning they didn’t even make it hard to do. Our story starts back in 1999 ,or maybe late 1998. At work I had just moved positions from our Network Operation Center to working for our Usenet … read more

  • It has BEGUN!

    AAAAHHHHHH! It’s 10pm and I’m just starting my blog post for today! I got home from work, ate quick, then told myself I was starting my post. I did not start my post. What I did do: Played with the colors of my blog because I didn’t like them. Still don’t like them. Nobody … read more

  • Kicking the tires quick

    Teeny tiny test post! I just wanted to see how a couple things were working out before #Blaugust officially starts. Want to see if HTML shows up any place and how it looks. Also added a couple categories this time and want to see what I can do with it. I know some people are following via RSS feeds, … read more

  • So many devices, So few HDMI ports!

    Hi! It’s taken a while, but finally getting a chance to make a post as I have a topic I need a bit of space to explain :D So, I work for a cable/internet/phone company, with a lot of my job related to IPTV television service. We’re constantly testing our different software versions on … read more